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Introduction PT. Stone House Sukabumi

Petrified Wood Manufacture Indonesia

petrified wood manufacture indonesia

PT. Stone House Sukabumi is a large-scale manufacturing company that legally explores raw materials for petrified woods and produces them into petrified wood furniture products with distinctive, unique, elegant and natural characteristics.

Established in 2004, we can claim that we are the first pioneer of petrified wood-based furniture manufacturing company using sophisticated machinery.

We have exported petrified wood furniture products to our customers around the world at wholesale prices and affordable shipping costs.

With high market demands, you can diversify your furniture products into petrified wood furniture products or expand your furniture product variants, and you can become this unique and elegant furniture businessman.

It would be our honor to be your partner in supplying and producing the petrified wood furniture products specifically for you.

The Owner

bu ade owner pt.shs petrified wood manufacture

Ibu Ade Rahmawati

The Owner PT. SHS | Petrified Wood Manufacture Indonesia