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introduction to the petrified wood Indonesia
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The Short Introduction To The Petrified Wood

Fossils, in Latin it is called Fossa that means “digging out from the ground”, are the remains or traces of the living things turning into rocks or minerals. To become the fossil, the remains of this animal or plant must be covered by sediments.

The experts have distinguished several kinds of fossils. There are ordinary stone fossils, such these forms have been found in the La Brea Well in California. Animals or plants that most people think they have been extinct but apparently they are still exist. So, they are called the living fossils. The most common fossils are the remaining skelaton such as the shell, teeth and bones. Soft tissue fossils are very rarely found. The study of fossils is called Paleontology; it is also a branch of science that is also studied in Archeology.

With an artistic touch, the wood that has been turned into the stone is transformed into a variety of beautiful decorations. This wood-texture stone that is originally formed from the wood has been found in Sumatra and West Java area, and mined by the local people to be made into various kinds of handicrafts and furniture.

The petrified wood handicrafts and furniture will certainly be something unique because each product has only one form. It is due to the fact that the form of the petrified wood is naturally made by the nature. If there is a human intervention, it will be only at the time of the finishing, but the form remains original. It is what makes the petrified wood is so unique that many people favor it in high demands.

The petrified wood fossil is a type of fossil in which the all organic materials inside the decayed tree have been
replaced by minerals. One of the minerals is silicate, and the structure of the wood stays remained in the original form.

The petrification process takes place underground, when the wood is buried under layers of sediments. Water that contains a lot of minerals enters the plant cells, meanwhile, the lignin and cellulose become rotten. Then they are replaced by stones.

Introduction Petrified wood Indonesia