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petrified wood dining table

petrified wood dining tableThe Petrified Wood Rectangle Dining Table : Petrified wood has been arguibly one of the most luxurious finishes that you can add to your home. It is not made by human beings, but it is formed over millions of years by minerals and lava. The extreme pressure and temperature has transformed the burried wood into solid stone.

Description and Dimensions of The Product

The petrified wood dining table is often a very formal and important place; and the dining table itself should match the style of the dining room. For the host who wants to impress his/her guests, look no further than this rare and unique petrified wood dining table slab made in Indonesia.

We have always sourced the best and highest quality petrified wood raw materials for making the dining table tops. Each of the petrified wood table tops is hand selected and highly polished with minimal cracks.

The specifications are as follows:
– Material: Petrified Wood
– Stands: Steel, steinless steel, pedestal stools.

The dimensions:
Length: 170-250cm
Width: 70-80 cm
Height: 75 cm.

The dominant colors are gray,beige,white, black and mixed colors (white-black and grey-black).


It would be an interesting idea to add petrified wood dining table to your kitchen. It can be made for indoor and outdoor use depending on preferences.

petrified wood dining table


We sell this petrified wood dining table at the wholesale pricing. Please email us for further information at hello@petrifiedwood-manufacture.

How To Buy

Please let us know by sending your purchase order via email. If available, we definitely will send you our best stocks. We also accept the custom order.


The LCL and FCL container are available. We have shipped our petrified wood products at affordable shipping cost.

petrified wood dining table