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petrified wood log bench

petrified wood log benchPW Bench Log Bench

The petrified wood raw materials are processed into unique, luxurious and natural furniture products that are 100% from the nature of Indonesia.

The raw materials have historical value where they have taken millions years for the process of perminalization, from a tree into a fossil stone or, in the other word, widely known as the petrified wood.

By having the legality of exploring and manufacturing, we can create unique, luxurious and natural petrified wood furniture products, on of them is the petrified wood log bench. We have been exporting this product varian to many countries around the world.

Description and Dimension of the product
– This petrified wood furniture product is only polished on the upper part of the bench, while both of the side parts keep remaining natural. So the tree barks still can be seen naturally.
– Each product has its own color and pattern. The dominant colors are natural, black and mixed colors.
– The bench size: L=120-250cm W= 30-40cm H: 30-40cm
– The average weight of this product is from 100-1500 kgs
– Durable and resistant to weather conditions

The petrified wood bench solid is suitable for exterior furniture. It can be used as bench park.

As the manufacturer, we sell this product with the wholesale price. The selling price could be by kilo or by piece.

How To Buy
To purchase this product, you can send us your purchase order (PO). We also accept the customized order. Besides, if available we will send our best stock to you.

The shipping price is very affordable. LCL and FCL container loads are available. Besides, we also provide the FOB price. for more info please contact us

Petrified Wood Log Bench