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Petrified wood plate

Petrified wood plateIntroduction

The Petrified Wood Plate = As a piece of natural art, the petrified wood has been burried by sediments underneath the ground for hundreds or even millions of years. As the result of the massive amount of pressure, the organic wood’s materials have been replaced by minerals such as quarts, sillicate and opal.

Description and Dimensions of The Product

The petrified wood plate is one of our signature products. It is made from the petrified wood log that has been cut and polished by hands. This cutting curved board is an excellent way to serve up cheese, bread, candies, fruits or small bites.

The natural grain patterns may vary from piece to piece, so there are no serving platters are exactly alike. The intricate patterns and fascinating figure accents of the petrified wood plate comes to life with added shine.

The The most dominant colours are gray, beige, black and mixed colors like black-white, black-gray and etc. It ranges from 20 cm to 50 cm, with its 2cm thickness.


It is great to modern tableware to revive your kitchen. It is designed top leave your guest admiring. This eye-catching plate will be your favorite piece in your kitchen.


The prices may vary by weight, size and finishes. But as a big petrified wood manufacturer, we always offer wholesale pricing, especially for industry.

How To Buy

To buy this product, you can send us your purchase order (PO). If available, we will send you our best stocks. We also accept the custom order in which we produce the plate based on your wishes design and size.


We ship the product worldwide at affordable shipping cost. LCL and FCL container loads are available.

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Petrified Wood Plate