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petrified wood side table square

Petrified Wood Side table Square

Are you looking for the most unique furniture product? So, we highly recommend this unique furniture product for you. Petrified Wood side table Square is a furniture product made from a unique raw material, which is widely known as the petrified wood. It has a full of historical value, and it requires the formation process of perminalization for millions years. Our petrified raw materials are originally from Indonesia.

We are a legal manufacturing company,located in Indonesia, that manufactures the petrified wood raw materials into furniture products that can be exported to many countries around the world.

We have transformed the petrified wood raw materials into unique, luxurious and natural furniture products. So that the customers’ interest in petrified wood stool square is very high. Therefore, we produce it according to the market needs and demands.

Description and Dimension of the product

– The petrified wood raw material is formed into a cube with the touch of our experienced and skillful craftsmen.
– Each piece has its own color and style. The color variants of this product are white,beige,gray,brown,black, and mixed colors (natural+dark)
– Dimension: L=30-40cm W=30-40cm H: 40-45cm
– Average Weight: 70-180kgs.

– Durable and strong against the weather changes.

This product varian can be used as a side table or a stool. It is very suitable for interior furniture, but it can also be used as exterior furniture.

As a manufacturer that manufactures this product varian, we sell it with a wholesale price scheme. It can be priced by kilo or by piece.

How to buy
We prioritize the order system or made by order (PO). The time limit of completion is adjusted to the number of quantities. But it does not rule out the possibility that we will offer our available stocks.

We also accept the customized orders. We produce the product based on your wishes.


– The shipping cost is very affordable. Because we focus on selling the products not selling the shipping cost.
– The container loads are available in FCL and LCL.
– FOB price is also available.

If you need further information regarding this product, you can ask our sales support at hello@petrifiedwood-manufacture.com or at +62821 2334 3131. We will be happy to assist you.

Here is our sample product.

petrified wood side table square