petrified wood sink

petrified wood sinkPetrified Wood Sink


The petrified wood has been created by nature for over thousands or even millions of years. At one point, it was natural wood. The process which is called fossilization replaces all the organic materials in the wood with minerals that keep the structure of the wood, but effectively and efficiently turn it into stone.

Description and Dimensions of The Product

The petrified wood sink is likely the most unique product in our line because there are no two sinks are alike. The color shape and size may vary for every piece and can range from 40 cm to 60 cm in length. In addition to the length, as the sink is carved from a single piece of the high quality petrified wood log, the height will also vary. The height of the petrified wood sink can vary from 13cm to 15cm. This piece has been hand selected to determine the best cut from its shape.


The stylish and unique petrified wood sink will give your kitchen, bathroom and sanitay room an amazingly unique natural design. Cut from the best quality of petrified wood log, this sink has come with beautiful colors and finishes. Its most dominant colors are gray, white, beige, black and mixed colors (white-black, grey-black and etc).

This elegant and unique masterpiece coordinates with any decorations in your home. It can be used for interior and exterior appliances.


We offer the wholesale pricing for this petrified wood product.

How To Buy

You can send us your purchase order to purchase this petrified wood product. If available we will send you our best stocks. We also accept the custom order.

The LCL and FCL container loads are available. FOB and ex-factory pricing are also available.

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Petrified Wood Sink