petrified wood stool full polish
petrified wood stool full polish
petrified wood stool full polish

If you are looking for a more unique and natural furniture product, then we recommend our best furniture product called petrified wood stool full polished. With a blend of petrified wood raw materials from nature enchanted by the touch of our experienced and skillful craftsmen, this petrified wood furniture product is very popular in the market.

The main raw material for this product is petrified wood,the fossil tree stone that was burried for millions years. So that the coloring process and the formation of this raw material is very special because it has a long historical value.

This petrified wood furniture product is made to meet the market needs of those who want natural, luxurious, durable, resistant to weather change, and the most important is the most unique furniture product. Because of those things, there are so many demands from our customers that we produce and export our petrified wood products to many countries around the world.

Description and Dimension of the product:
- This fully polished petrifed wood stool or side table is polished smoothly on each side of the product, so it looks shiny.
- Each product item has a different color and pattern; white, beige and cream is dominant color, black and mixed color that is a combination of white and black, or white and brown.
- Average Size: L=20-40 CM, W=20-40 CM, H=40-45 CM.
- Average Weight: 50-180 kgs
- Durable and Resistant to weather and temperature

Suitable for both interior and exterior furniture. It can be used as a stool or a side table.

We sell this petrified wood furniture product with a wholesale price scheme, either by kilo or by piece.

How To Buy:
When you are interested and intend to buy this product, we recommend you a system order with MOQ, the lead time depends on the number of orders or quantities. But you can also ask for our stock first, if available we will give our best stocks to you.

If you have another design, we are ready to produce based on your desired shape and size.

The container loads are available for FCL and LCL. We are ready to help with the FOB incoterm and shipment arrangements to your country.

For further information about our petrified wood products, pricelist, custom order and e-catalog, please email us at or chat us via WhatsApp at 0821-2334-3131. We will be happy to assist you.

Petrified Wood Stool Full Polished