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Petrified Wood Stool Top Polish
petrified wood stool top polish
petrified wood stool top polish

This furniture products is made from tree fossil stones that harden and become rocks. After being burried and settled in the ground for millions years ago making the materials hardened and petrified naturally. So that they changed into fossil tree stones or widely known as petrified woods.

Broadly speaking, Indonesia is very famous for the abundant amount of petrified wood raw materials with various colors that still resemble the original tree colors. This natural creation has given the uniqueness to each petrified material, with its color as well as its bark, and it is different from one petrified wood material to another.

With this uniqueness, we create furniture products in various shapes and models. One of them is petrified wood stool top polish .

We polish on the top surface of this product varian. So, it looks very shinny and smooth. While, on the other side of this product varian, it still leaves the original tree bark shape.

The size of this product varian is as follows:
Size =  (S) diameter 20-25 Cm,  (M)  diameter 25-30 Cm,  (L) Diameter 35-40 Cm

Weight: 60-180 kgs
Color: white, brown, dark, mix

We create this product to beautify your interior or exterior rooms, it can be used as a side table or a stool. However, we can create this product varian based on your desired shape and size.

We sell this product at wholesale prices, we can supply all sizes. The container loads are available in FCL or LCL form.

For further information about wholesale prices, custom order, products, quotations and e-catalogs, please email us at hello@petrifiedwood-manufacture.com or for quick response you can chat us via WhatsApp at 0821-2433-3131.


Petrified Wood Stool Top Polish